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Surcharge for small quantities

The minimum quantity surcharge - what is it?

For orders up to a value of CHF 50, we charge a minimum quantity surcharge of CHF 9 for certain product categories. Thanks to the minimum quantity surcharge, our customers benefit from lower prices for small products.

How does this work and why and when do I as a customer benefit from it?

In most cases, several pieces of specially priced articles are purchased at once or they are purchased together with a more expensive product. There are less internal costs for the execution of such orders, because the proportionate processing time decreases with increasing number of products in the same order compared to a single order of the products.

Therefore, it was decided to reduce the price of the products concerned. At the same time, however, a minimum quantity surcharge had to be introduced for these products for orders up to 50 Swiss francs. Because with these favorable products the processing expenditure is disproportionately high.

It is thus worthwhile to buy these products several times or together with other products.